General Dentistry

We focus our treatments around preventative care, with a long term goal of reducing the need of fillings , extractions and root canals. We achieve this by emphasising a well-balanced diet along with good oral hygiene.

Restorative care 

  • Fillings to restore function and aesthetics of teeth that have worn or become decayed

  • Crowns - these can be used to protect and stabilise heavily filled teeth in order to restore aesthetics and function

  • Bridges - there are several different types of bridges that may be appropriate to provide a fixed option when restoring a gap

  • Dentures - used to replace multiple missing teeth

  • Extractions - when a tooth is deemed to be unrestorable, the only option may be to remove it in order to prevent pain and infection

  • Root canal treatment - if possible we will try to save a tooth by removing the infected nerve 


Hygiene/ Periodontal treatment - maintaining optimal oral health 

                                                 - prevention and treatment of gum disease


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